RPA implementation

Our Approach
With a wealth of experience and satisfied clients, we have defined the concept and timeline of the project, which includes every important factor during implementation. With Ective you get the power of it all: tools, detailed descriptions of process execution and the best people to help you on your RPA journey.
You receive all templates required to experience the end-to-end RPA life cycle starting from idea-generation and ending with post-production documentation. This includes:
  • Operating model frame
  • Collection and prioritization tool
  • PDD (Process design document)
  • SDD (Solution design document)
  • Review checklists
  • Testing template
  • And more…
Best standards and practices
Along with documentation and templates, we provide detailed instructions on how to execute each process in an RPA life cycle. All information will be included in your operating model and your team can always refer to it when needed. Instructions include:
  • Pipeline forming and prioritization procedure
  • Process documentation procedure
  • Development procedure (Agile)
  • Development standards
  • Authorization management details
  • Team roles and career development
  • Hypercare procedure
  • Reporting and monitoring
Ective can boost your RPA program with the help of experienced specialists. In our company, we continuously upskill our specialists with field related training, knowledge sharing sessions and centrally shared knowledge base, to which every expert has unlimited access. There are the following roles available from our team:
  • Project managers/leaders
  • Architects
  • Business analysts
  • RPA Developers
  • VBA and Scripting specialists
  • AI experts
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