Case Study

Errorless SAP Worker

Customer request
Control and subsequent release of sold items in SAP

Goal #1

Time saving, errorless execution and lowering operational costs

Goal #2

Saving up employees’ time from repetitive tasks with low added value

  • CUSTOM-MADE BOT was developed based on the process rules
  • Bot works few times a day for the whole week (weekends included)
  • It downloads all necessary information from SAP and decides which sold item can be released and which cannot
  • Bot creates reports of all processed items for all competent countries
  • Bot saves particular report on hard drive and sends e-mail to responsible personnel about finalized transactions
Salary Expenses
BEFORE Automation:4 employees x 3 hours/day=12 hours -> 1,5 ManDaysapprox. 30,000 €/year
AFTER Automation:1x0,5 hour /day = 0,5 hour -> 0,0625 ManDaysappox. 1,250 €/year
Year 119,150 €/year
Year 228,750 €/year
Automation ScaleComplexityReturn on Investment in Time
100%Medium3,84 months
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