About Us

What we are aiming for

Ective was founded in early 2018 with the core goal of bringing the highest level of quality in process automation to enterprises throughout the world.

After years of consulting in RPA for larger organizations, Ective’s founders realized that while big companies were able to deliver large numbers of developers, the overall quality of their approach was lacking. Thus, Ective was born with the idea of ensuring quality above all else when implementing RPA. An agile, passionate organization, Ective has clients in Europe and Asia.

Ective today

  • We are over 15 people company (and actively growing) located in Slovakia (the team on photo), UK, Ukraine and Philippines. Behind the shoulders of our Experts there are years of Automation experience in Banking, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Finance, Supply Chain and many other industries. Implementations for JCI, Accenture, ING, BNP paribas, Henkel, BASF, Linde, Mazars, CIMB Bank, Capgemini, etc.

  • Besides RPA delivery, training and consulting, we also provided knowledge sharing to other RPA services companies like Capgemini, Apar, etc. We consult consultancies 🙂

  • We partner with cognitive solution providers to make our robots smarter.

  • In December of 2019 successfully completed the first course of UiPath Academy Alliance at Slovak Technical University teaching students how to use RPA in studying and work. It was the first university course in Slovakia like that.

  • 30th of January 2020, we organized the first UiPath Community event in Bratislava (link)

  • In February 2020 UiPath anounced Most Valuable Professionals (link) and Ective’s CEO Eduard Shlepetskyy was selected as one of 20 MVPs.