Advanced SAP automation

Fast and efficient way
Our experts have over 5 years of experience in automating SAP. Besides regular RPA tools at Ective we also use VBScripting and internally developed libraries, which allows automating SAP much faster then traditional RPA automation.
We provide an end-to-end infrastructure and framework which makes SAP automation really easy, fast and efficient. Technology can be used independently without any additional tool & license (plug&play) as well as can be integrated with RPA tools.
At Ective we grow a library of reusable components and scripts, so when it comes to process automation we dont start from scratch, but use already existing code to speed up delivery. Following reusability can shorten process delivery time by 50%.
In our library you can find components for Finance, Controling, Master Data Management, OTC and many others (list of transactions below).
Automation on many screens in parallel
To deal with high volumes of work, we developed a product which allows you to run automation on up to 6 screens in parallel what can significantly increase the speed of processing.
Already automated transactions
Below you can find very little list of transactions which are already automated. In case you want to know more about it or you dont find needed transaction, get in touch with us, the list is continuously growing.
  • F-28
  • F-32
  • FB01, FB02, FB03
  • FD32
  • FS10N
  • IB01, IB02, IB03
  • IW39
  • KOB1
  • MB1B, MB1C, MB5B
  • MD04
  • ME21N, ME22N, ME23N, ME32K, ME2L, ME3L, ME51N, ME53N, ME5A
  • MM01, MM03
  • PA20, PA30
  • PR05
  • SBWP
  • SE16, SE16N
  • SM35, SM37
  • SOST
  • SQ01
  • SU3
  • VA01, VA02, VA03, VA05, VA23, VA41, VA45
  • VB_7, VB03
  • VD01, VD02, VD03, VD05
  • VF01, VF03
  • VK11, VK12
  • VKM1, VKM3
  • VL01N, VL02N, VL03N
  • XD01, XD02, XD03
  • XK03, XK05, XK06
  • YCHC
  • ZF00, ZFL08, ZFL2,
  • ZL02
  • ZQ01, ZQ02, ZQ03, ZQ04, ZQ05
  • ZVCR
  • ZVCS
In addition there are also generic modules which can be used in any transaction such as: downloading reports, running transaction, printing etc.Contact us to learn more!
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