ECTIVE Automation is a proud sponsor of UiPath Forward VI conference in Las Vegas titled: AI at work

Our journey was anything but short or relaxed as we arrived at our destination in Las Vegas more than 28 hours after our departure from Bratislava, but we still had some time before the official start of the two-day conference, to stroll down the famous Fermont Street and drive through the scenic Red Rock Canyon.

In the afternoon of Monday, the 9th of October, we connected with various UiPath partners from all around the world at the Partner Forward welcoming session. We were greeted by UiPath Co-CEO Robert Enslin and many other leading executives from the company, covering the important updates on the product, technology, customer and partner cooperation fields. After the presentations a partner awards ceremony followed with a welcome reception. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were the days when all the magic happened. An impressive lineup of more than 200 speakers and over 60 sessions on AI automation at work. Far more than 3.000 delegates shared insights, experiences and best practices. Quite a few of them also visited our booth and talked with us about various aspects of automation, their troubles and success stories.

Look at some of the most interesting news from UiPath presented throughout the two-day conference and the Tech Ed Day following it or watch the keynote presentations recorded at the event: