Our road to UiPath Forward VI conference in Las Vegas

ECTIVE is a proud sponsor of UiPath Forward VI conference that will take place from 9th till 12th October in Las Vegas. The subtitle of the event is AI at work.  

Automation has changed the way we work—and it’s just getting started. You’ve seen it for yourself. And when you add AI into the mix, you open up a whole realm of new possibilities. 

At FORWARD VI, we’ll see how AI-powered automation has created the foundation for a new era of innovation. 

And we’ll get a peek at the latest automation technologies that have made the transition from drawing board to production. 

 It’s an exciting time to be an automation practitioner. AI-powered automation is helping businesses do incredible things. FORWARD VI is all about AI at work. 

On the biggest automation event of the year, we’ll talk with UiPath executives, industry experts, technology pundits, and real-world UiPath customers about the emerging automation solutions with transformative potential. Remember, every great innovation starts with an inspiration. 

Something special happens when smart, inspired people get together in one place to ask each other things like “What if…” or “Have you tried…” or “Did you think about…” 

With thousands of our fellow automation experts, practitioners, and evangelists on-hand and in-person at FORWARD VI, there’s no telling what could happen. Even a casual conversation could lead to a breakthrough. 

There’s no better opportunity to connect with like-minded people eager to share insights, experiences, and best practices. That is why we are very much looking forward to this experience. 

Follow our LinkedIn page for reports and updates in the upcoming week. 

(all pictures copyright of UiPath)