Experience Exchange: Scaling of Intelligent Automation initiative

Last week, on 28th of September, we organized our second Vienna gathering. This one was again a bit different and much more interactive. What differentiates our events is the community. We never wanted to make an event where we would merely promote ourselves and our solutions. Instead, we focus on building the community of like-minded automation professionals and we’re always keen on inviting executives from other fields to join us and we strive to ignite that little automation spark which will bring intelligent automation closer to everyone, freeing people from mundane, repetitive work. 

Since the community is important for us, we asked at the June event which topics and titles the attendees would like to hear next. Scaling received a few more votes than AI, therefore we decided to develop it even further into 3 main categories:  

– Scaling of processes/pipeline 
– Scaling of team capabilities 
– Scaling of KPIs/reporting 

We invited our customers The Linde Group and Semperit AG to present on the topics of pipeline scaling and scaling of KPIs, while the keynote on team scaling was delivered by our very own Eduard Shlepetskyy. Joining us from Linde was Susanne GundelweinSenior Manager Digital Business Projects and from Semperit we hosted Mario Luef – Head of Business Process Automation. All the speakers gathered an impressive applaud from the audience and sparkled quite some interesting debates at the Q&A session after their presentations. 

The second part was a more interactive one, as we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to ask the important questions and provide their own, unique view on the 3 areas of scaling, corresponding to the presentations. Three circles were formed, each of them dedicated to one of the topics covered by keynote presenters. Eduard Shlepetskyy oversaw moderating the discussion on Team Scaling, Eduardo Loma – Head of Delivery at ECTIVE – oversaw moderating the KPIs scaling panel and Vito Zaloznik – RPA Lead from SPAR ICS – was moderating the group discussing the scaling of processes.  

In the name of the whole ECTIVE Automation team, we’d like to thank each and every attendee and speaker, without you such events would not be possible.  

Next week we’ll be visiting the UiPath Forward VI conference in Las Vegas, therefore the feedback revision and plans for our next event will be posted with a slight delay. 

Take a look also at the video report from the event Experience Exchange: Scaling of Intelligent Automation that took place on 28.09. in Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna. Will you join us next time?