July 11, 2023

Ective as a proud Diamond Sponsor: Diamonds are forever and So is our Commitment to Automation with UiPath Together 2023

June has indeed been a busy month for us, besides our very first event we organized outside Bratislava, (more info here) we have also attended the UiPath Together conference in London. And not only did we attend it, but we were also proud diamond sponsors. On 27th of June we set up our booth in O2 Intercontinental right next to companies such as Microsoft, UiPath, Amazon and others.

It was a full day of inspirational presentations, delivered by some of the foremost experts on automation and artificial intelligence. We had a chance to look into the future of UiPath with its CEO – Robert Enslin opening the grand stage which accommodated over 600 people. Among attendees were some of the world’s best automation professionals, C-level executives and many interested stakeholders from public sector, finance, automotive & machinery manufacturing industry, health service provides, pharma companies and the list could go on for an exceedingly long time.

The Keynote theater stage was the center of attention with amazing presentations and case studies from UiPath and many guest speakers. Sarah Barr Miller – Director of Data and Automation at British Airways, Dr. Daniel Susskind – established writer and researcher for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, Sanjay Patel – SVP of Takeda Business Solutions and many others provided their view on current state of intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and in what areas those two meet to make the future something worth looking forward to.

Our opinion might be biased when we say this, but the most interesting presentation we believe was delivered by Eduard Shlepetskyy – CEO of ECTIVE and Martin Felder – Director of Process Automation at Linde. Eduard and Martin took the stage in the early afternoon and showed us how does a day-to-day life look like with more than 300 robots in a decentralized organization. How to even approach such a vast development and where to start? They also uncovered what are the challenges when operating such an endless digital workforce and where to go next.

The ECTIVE booth and meeting pod were both busy throughout the day, and what caught the most attention was our display of 4 SAP windows executing 4 processes simultaneously, see it here. Such a simple solution, yet unimaginable until someone does it. We had a chance to spark a lot of insightful conversations and make quite a few new friends and potential business partners. Our diverse team consisted of experienced business developers and even more skilled automation developers. This combination proved to be the best to answer all the possible questions, either from a business or technical point of view.

Even more friendships were forged over a happy hour reception after the official part, and the end of our stay in London is beginning of many automation journeys, to one of which we invite You to walk with us. Follow the link and let’s discover Your Automation Potential – together.

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